Informational Commands

The following commands are used to find out some information about the user or the system.

Linux Command Explanation
ps Lists currently running process (programs).
w Show who is logged on and what they are doing.
id Print your user-id and group id’s
df Report filesystem disk space usage (“Disk Free” is how I remember it)
du Disk Usage in a particular directory. “du -s” provides a summary for the current directory.
top Displays CPU processes in a full-screen GUI. A great way to see the activity on your computer in real-time. Type “Q” to quit.
free Displays amount of free and used memory in the system.
cat /proc/cpuinfo Displays information about your CPU.
cat /proc/meminfo Display lots of information about current memory usage.
uname -a Prints system information to the screen (kernel version, machine type, etc.)