Shortcuts to Make it all Easier!

When you start using the Bash shell more often, you will appreciate these shortcuts that can save you very much typing time.

Shortcut Description
Up/Down Arrow Keys Scroll through your most recent commands. You can scroll back to an old command, hit ENTER, and execute the command without having to re-type it.
“history” command Show your complete command history.
TAB Completion If you type a partial command or filename that the shell recognizes, you can have it automatically completed for you if you press the TAB key. Try typing the first few characters of your favourite Linux command, then hit TAB a couple of times to see what happens.
Complete recent commands with “!” Try this: Type “!” followed by the first couple of letters of a recent command and press ENTER! For example, type:

find /usr/bin -type f -name m\*

…and now type:

Search your command history with CTRL-R Press CTRL-R and then type any portion of a recent command. It will search the commands for you, and once you find the command you want, just press ENTER.
Scrolling the screen with Shift-PageUp and Page Down Scroll back and forward through your terminal.