The list below shows default ports. Many of these programs may be configured to operate on other ports. 

31/tcp Agent 31, Hackers Paradise, Masters Paradise
1170/tcp Psyber Stream
1234/tcp Ultors Trojan
1243/tcp SubSeven server (default for V1.0-2.0)
1981/tcp ShockRave
2001/tcp Trojan Cow
2023/tcp Ripper Pro
2140/udp Deep Throat, Invasor
2989/tcp Rat backdoor
3024/tcp WinCrash
3150/tcp Deep Throat, Invasor
3700/tcp Portal of Doom
4950/tcp ICQ Trojan
6346/tcp Gnutella
6400/tcp The Thing
6667/tcp Trinity intruder-to-master and master-to-daemon
SubSeven server (default for V2.1 Icqfix and beyond)
6670/tcp Deep Throat
12345/tcp NetBus 1.x, GabanBus, Pie Bill Gates, X-Bill
12346/tcp NetBus 1.x
16660/tcp Stacheldraht intruder-to-master
18753/udp Shaft master-to-daemon
20034/tcp NetBus 2 Pro
20432/tcp Shaft intruder-to-master
20433/udp Shaft daemon-to-master
27374/tcp SubSeven server (default for V2.1-Defcon)
27444/udp Trinoo master-to-daemon
27665/tcp Trinoo intruder-to-master
30100/tcp NetSphere
31335/udp Trinoo daemon-to-master
31337/tcp Back Orifice, Baron Night, Bo Facil
33270/tcp Trinity master-to-daemon
33567/tcp Backdoor rootshell via inetd (from Lion worm)
33568/tcp Trojaned version of SSH (from Lion worm)
40421/tcp Masters Paradise Trojan horse
60008/tcp Backdoor rootshel via inetd (from Lion worm)
65000/tcp Stacheldraht master-to-daemon